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Keep your vehicle looking like it has just come fresh off the production line with our bodywork supplies.

Do you need scratch removals?

One of the most dreaded sounds you can hear as a driver is the long and slow grind of the garden wall or gate as you reverse out of your driveway. If this has happened to you, don't worry. We provide all the materials for scratch removals so your car bodywork will look like nothing happened in the first place, such as:

• Body fillers

• Anti-rust treatments

• Fibre glass

• Paint

Do you need new car bulbs for your vehicle?

Eventually all car bulbs will die. Driving around at night with a broken bulb is illegal and could land you a fine. Make sure you're adequately prepared so you avoid any penalties. We stock a huge selection for you to choose from whether you need brake bulb, headlamps, indicator bulbs or upgrade bulbs.

Car bodywork supplies for all vehicle types

Whatever the brand of your car, and whatever the colour of it, we can get the right paint for your needs. Whether a deep blue or a bright white, you can find the colour you need. Our staff will help you in style matching for your vehicle.

A range of bodywork supplies in Morpeth

•  Panels and paint

•  Bumpers

•  Body panels

•  Body work

•  Lighting

•  Tow bars

•  Cosmetic repair kits

•  Polishes and scratch removal kits

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Making Sure Your Car Bodywork Looks Like New