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Mechanical Car Part Supplies In Morpeth

Are you looking for car parts?

At Morpeth Motaparts Ltd, you can find a comprehensive range of mechanical car parts. Whatever brand of vehicle you have and whatever model it is, we can source anything you need. Stocking many brands or names we professionally recommend.

We'll fit your wiper blades and car batteries for free

If you've come to our shop for a new car battery or windscreen wipers, we'll have them expertly fitted for you for absolutely nothing. You can even wait while we have them fitted and then you can be on your way in no time at all.

What do you need for your vehicle?

•  Filter, spark plug and oil

•  Brake pad, discs, shoes, cylinders, calipers and hoses

•  Clutch and flywheel

•  Electrics, batteries, starter motors, alternators and dynamos

•  Engine parts

•  Lubricant

•  Ignition, coils and sensors (CAM, CRANK and LAMBDA)

•  Steering parts, suspension parts, suspension arms, joints, shock absorber, springs, steering racks, boxes and much more

• Fuel, i.e. air mass meters, valves, turbos and fuel pumps

•  Exhaust and more

• Towbar and fitting

• Lighting, replacement and upgrade bulbs and exterior light units

Don't wait around for your spare parts. Visit our shop in Morpeth and walk away with exactly what you need.

Get in touch with us today by visiting our shop or call us on

01670 519 192